Agnews Developmental Center
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Location Name Agnews Developmental Center
Location San Jose, California
Category Insane Asylum
Built Unknown
Operating Time 1885 - 1972 (became developmental disabilities clinic)
Type Not Kirkbride Plan
Status Closed (Reopened as a developmental center)

Agnews Developmental Center (formerly known as the Great Asylum for the Insane) opened in San Jose, California in 1885.

History Edit

Operation Edit

The asylum originally opened as "the Great Asylum for the Insane" in 1885. During the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, it was the infamous site of Santa Clara Valley's greatest loss of life resulting from the quake. Some of the surviving patients of the ruined asylum escaped. The death toll was one-hundred-and-seventeen patients and staff, and they were all buried in mass graves on-site. After the disaster passed on, the Great Aslum for the Insane was rebuilt and reopened sometime around [[1911] as "Agnews State Mental Hospital". The new facility was like a self-contained town (it had a farm that raised pigs and vegetables, a steam-generating power plant for heating, and a fire department). At the time, the village had the largest population in the South San Francisco Bay area, and even had its own train station. The station remained until fire and vandalism led to its demolition in the 1990s. In 1926, an additional campus was built about two miles east of San Jose. This particular location was designed for people with developmental disabilities, and they were first admitted to a special rehabilitation program in 1965. The original facility supported programs for the mentally ill util 1972, when the facility coverted over to another developmental disabilities clinic. In 2003, Agnews was torn down and became the new site of the SUN Microsystems Santa Clara Campus, which has probably inherited the hauntings.

Hauntings Edit

The haunting of Agnews Developmental Center is believed to have come from the 1906 quake that killed so many people. In addition to the death rate, it probably also sparked a need to haunt the place since everyone was put in a mass grave on site, which is a typical cause of hauntings. Workers have encountered ghostly apparations, maniacal laughter, screaming, cold spots, and moving doors. Items have been thrown around the kitchen.

Trivia Edit

  • Agnews Developmental Center has gone under the names "The Great Asylum for the Insane", "Agnews Insane Asylum", and "Agnews Developmental Center" (the current name).
  • Much of the information about Agnews on is very off.

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